Convenience doesn’t always cost more

It’s accepted that visiting the convenience store will always cost a little more than going for those items at the grocery store. It’s less of a hassle and you only need a couple of things so why not? That doesn’t mean everything that is convenient has to come with a little more cost.

Your apartment’s location should be convenient but sometimes convenient is a relative term. The Florida resident in the Fort Lauderdale area may want to live close to the airport but that may mean spending a little too much on an annual basis for rent. And some apartments may even skimp on the amenities to offer you that “convenient” location.

A solution to making sure you are at a convenient location with respect to the airport and still get great amenities with a more reasonable rent fee would be to move into the Jefferson Lighthouse Point Apartments in Pompano Beach.

A mere 20 minutes away from Fort Lauderdale with amenities like a large fitness center, pool, and apartments available with kitchen islands. There are up to three bedroom apartments available. So why not spend a little less and get more?

New Year’s is More than Revelry

Places to be on New Year's Eve in Pompano Beach

In the Pompano Beach Fort Lauderdale area there are always many great night spots to frequent. When New Year’s comes around the concentration on going to a crowded bar with hot DJs has its appeal but some other choices are minutes away from the Jefferson Lighthouse Pointe apartments.

You can take a trip to The Tavolino Delle Notte restaurant in Coral Springs  and enjoy a first class meal crafted by Chef Bruno. The night will include a Dance party with DJ and a midnight toast to the New Year.

Another consideration these days could be stay over at a fine hotel to relieve yourself of driving on the Holiday.  The Ritz Carleton Ft. Lauderdale has a rocking night planned just for you with a live band, party favors, open bar, and even a kid’s area.

Or you can stay away from the noise and enjoy a quieter night with friends at your Jefferson Lighthouse Pointe apartment. Convenient for your friends to get to and no worries about the band playing out of tune.

Pompano Beach and Black Friday Sales

Best Black Friday deals in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach residents like to think they live in a vibrant and different area from most. That is true but the Specter of Black Friday will turn the area into being like any other place in the USA. Still, Black Friday has led to many people offering deals on everything from the standard great TV prices to cruises.

One plan is to do The Cyber Monday shopping binge. This cuts down on aggravation but sales still are somewhat limited. Many do believe it’s the best way to go.

In Pompano Beach the Citi Centre is the place to go if shopping in person is your choice this Holiday Season. An outdoor mall with Macy’s, J.C. Penny’s, and Ross Dress for Less, this is the spot to visit this Black Friday.

Just make sure you have a place to recover in with great amenities and the right rental price such as at Jefferson Lighthouse Point in Pompano Beach. Here you can rest up in luxury and then get back out there, or back to your computer, whichever one suits you best.