Convenience doesn’t always cost more

It’s accepted that visiting the convenience store will always cost a little more than going for those items at the grocery store. It’s less of a hassle and you only need a couple of things so why not? That doesn’t mean everything that is convenient has to come with a little more cost.

Your apartment’s location should be convenient but sometimes convenient is a relative term. The Florida resident in the Fort Lauderdale area may want to live close to the airport but that may mean spending a little too much on an annual basis for rent. And some apartments may even skimp on the amenities to offer you that “convenient” location.

A solution to making sure you are at a convenient location with respect to the airport and still get great amenities with a more reasonable rent fee would be to move into the Jefferson Lighthouse Point Apartments in Pompano Beach.

A mere 20 minutes away from Fort Lauderdale with amenities like a large fitness center, pool, and apartments available with kitchen islands. There are up to three bedroom apartments available. So why not spend a little less and get more?