Get Cooking with a Chef Inspired Kitchen

chef inspired kitchen

If you are concerned about your health and/or your weight, planning out and cooking your own meals is likely a high priority.  With “meal prepping” you control what goes into your body and have a direct impact on how you look and feel.

Unfortunately, many apartment complexes sacrifice either kitchen space or function for other desirable features, like a bigger living room or bigger master bedroom.

At Jefferson Lighthouse Point Apartments you get the best of both worlds. Our luxury rentals offer spacious, wide open floor plans – along with a beautiful and fully functional, chef inspired kitchen complete with high end stainless steel appliances and, granite counters and designer cabinets.

The kitchens in our apartments are built with function in mind, giving you enough room to prepare and cook meals for yourself or for the entire family.  This takes the hassle out of cooking, saves you money and gives you the opportunity to better control the heath and well being of your tribe. And maybe best of all – the functional design doesn’t take away from the beauty at all, many of our residents describe the kitchen as their favorite room in their apartment home!